A Personal Journey

After 69 years in one Christian Faith, my mentor, a Franciscan Friar from
New Mexico, suggested to me that I become a traveller, visiting a different
faith group each week. I have done that, and been very happy doing so,
visiting Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Pentecostals, Baptists, C of E and
Catholics. All have made me very welcome. Thus membership of BIF sits very
well with my journey.

God, in Genesis, and in person, has made very clear to me, that he made me
“in his own image and likeness. Therefore, by definition he must love me
and he does. All religions emphasise God’s clear message that the main
commandment is to love God, and in gratitude for his love, to love all of
humanity for his sake. So I do so. As I visit each faith centre, I am
standing in solidarity with them and our shared God. I acknowledge the fact
that God resides within us all by the greeting “Namaste”, “The Divine within
me, salutes the Divine within you”. So I try to love the other nine and a
half billion people that I share this world with. Sometimes I find the odd
one that it is difficult to love!! I am after all human!

When I pray, I shut all things from my mind and ask God to enter and guide
me in my life. I never ask him for anything, for he knows what I want and
need. If it is good for me, he will give it to me, for he loves me.
Hopefully he is telling me I am on the right path. I am generally happy.
Again I am human and have my share of disappointments with this life.

I want to thank Trevor and his Team at BIF, they are doing a great job.

By Tony Creed

25th June 2018

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