Faith in the Community Awards 2018

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LBB-logo-slider                       What is “Faith in the Community Awards 2018” all about?

Faith in the Community Awards 2018 is all about celebrating the contribution that faith groups make to the Borough of Bexley and local communities. 

We are asking local faith groups to submit projects or initiatives (however great or small) that they are working on that seek to make a difference and help others in the local community in some way. 

Examples might be a breakfast club or an after school club or visiting lonely people, or running a children’s club or a sport initiative. It could be a larger project such as running a foodbank, or a shelter for homeless people.  We would encourage any project to be submitted for consideration – however great or small – that shows how faith groups are making a difference to the local community.

Key individuals involved with each project submitted will be invited to attend the Awards evening with a buffet and drinks at 6.30pm on 15th November 2018 in the Civic Offices in Bexleyheath joined by senior leaders from Bexley Borough and other faith leaders.

We are also hoping to have a special well known guest speaker.  There will be a presentation of Certificates to all projects that have been submitted, and there will be Awards for outstanding examples of community service by faith groups.

What are the categories?

There are seven categories in total:


Promote community cohesion and social integration.


Create healthy and supported communities that mobilise the time and talents of people throughout the life course, to support people and places to thrive.


Provide opportunities for individuals, streets and neighbourhoods and businesses to be active citizens. 


We want Bexley to be a place where everyone feels they belong and have opportunities for success. 


Where faith communities come together to provide resources for other parts of the world, and this has good impact on our community in Bexley by bringing people together for a good cause. 


This award is for a team of people (more than 5) who have demonstrated an outstanding capability to work together as a team


This award is for someone in a faith community who has shown outstanding leadership qualities

How do I Apply?

You have up to 600 words to describe your project and what it has achieved plus any pictures you wish to attach (that shows your project in operation). Please email your project to

The closing date for Applications is close of play on 12th October 2018.

Why is “Faith in the Community Awards 2018” being organised?

The Bexley Interfaith Forum and Bexley Council are keen to encourage and promote all the good work in the community that is being done by faith groups, and to celebrate what is being done.  It is opportunity to further build relationships between people of different faith traditions, and for people of different faith tradition to come together in mutual respect and support for each other.

How will the Award winners be decided?

A special panel of led by Bexley Council will be put together to determine the Award winners.  This panel will be completely independent of any particular faith tradition.

 Further Information or Details

Please go to the website for further details, and you can also email with any questions.

If you know, or are part of, a faith group who are making a difference in the community then enter now!

Entries must be submitted by 5pm on 12th October 2018